I'm Katy

a programmer.

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I am a Web Developer. I'm the founder and CEO of Fire & Ice Hosting. I like to 3D model and play video games with friends

My Skills


Design & Development

I started learning to code when I was about 15 years old because it was something that interested me, mainly how this page of code can be put out on the internet for millions of people to see and interact with. I have a little bit of prior experience but haven't really used my knowledge for a few years and have gotten rusty, but now I'm taking a step back in and giving it another go.


3D Modeling

But currently my best skill is 3D modeling using a software called Blender, I originally started to make assets for a game, then it turned into more of a way to create little gifts for friends (in image form). I started to really take a liking to it and making little things, and building interior designs when I didn't have much to do.

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If you like what I do or would like more info, please contact me using the following

Do you want to ask about a custom site or a 3D model? Let's talk then!

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